Discovery Visit

Cloudland Station invites you to a very special two-night Discovery Getaway.

Come and be our guests at Cloudland Station. Enjoy a 2-night stay in one of our beautifully decorated Watercolor Cabins.

Enjoy our amazing amenities including our Infinity Edge Saline swimming pool, the Grand Tree House, the Recreation Barn, the Swimming Hole, Lake Angela and our village fire place, to name just a few.
The cost for your Getaway is a discounted rate of $185 per night (normal rate is $295 per night), with a minimum two night stay, as there is so much to see and experience. The $75 cleaning fee is waived.

As part of the Discovery Getaway, we ask that you set aside one-two hours for a tour of the Community and fill out a five minute survey to let us know your interest at the end of the tour. Our goal is simply to build a relationship with you and to create such a wonderful experience you will begin to seriously entertain Cloudland Station as a place you might want to be a part of one day and that you will share your experience with others.