Time for the Simple Things

Cloudland Station is located only minutes from award-winning Chattanooga. Nestled in a beautiful, historic valley alongside famous Lookout Mountain, its purpose is to serve both second home owners and primary residents through a unique theme –  the celebration of simple things.  At Cloudland Station, we believe that a morning walk with friends down a creekside trail, teaching a child how to bait a fish hook, or an afternoon game of checkers with neighbors at the general store, are the kinds of things that truly enrich us and renew us.  Moreover, these simple things, like nothing else, serve to foster authentic community.

Please take a moment to enjoy this short video. We hope it helps provide at least a glimpse into the world of Cloudland Station where we take time to truly celebrate the simple things.

About Cloudland Station

Cloudland Station is a dreamscape of 450 acres in a world of uncommon natural beauty. It is a tapestry of old canopied forests, sun splintered meadows, and richly shaded coves, all laced together with meandering brooks, hiking trails, and walking paths.

It is here you will find one of the most uniquely hand-crafted, gated communities in the country. Cloudland Station was chosen as one of only seven founding communities to launch SOUTHERN LIVING’s recently created Southern Living Inspired Communities. We are also home to the country’s first show house for THIS OLD HOUSE.

With a passionate adherence to traditional southern architecture and a commitment to treading ever-so-lightly on this natural canvas with which we have been entrusted, our aesthetic goal is to evoke a sense of nostalgia in all we create and build.

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Our Mission

The mission of Cloudland Station is to our Members – to serve as a continued source of renewal and refreshment in the lives of our members, their families, and their guests. We believe Cloudland Station accomplishes this mission by excelling in 5 specific objectives:

These 5 objectives inspire every amenity we build, every community space we create, and every activity we sponsor.


Five Key Objectives


Connecting our members and their guests with nature and the beautiful outdoors;

Connecting families with each other and their community, while preserving their desired privacy;

Creating a place of nostalgia and enduring traditions;

Creating a lifestyle that fosters good health, romance, adventure, and recreation; and

Creating a place where individual talents, hobbies, experience and wisdom are celebrated and shared.

Today, Cloudland Station has over 60 families and individual members, and we are growing. We invite you to explore our website and then come visit us. Perhaps enjoy our Discovery Getaway package.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (404) 297-4350.

Our mission and our passion are the same… to be a special place that renews its members every day.

Come join us and celebrate the simple things

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Take Time for the Simple Things