Pre-Approved House Plans

This Section is here to help you begin the process of actually choosing a home plan and creating your home.
We have pre-approved a number of Southern Living Plans that we have highlighted below. They are divided between small/medium cottages and larger homes. These can be adopted substantially “as-is”, but most all require some minor modifications to the elevation to ensure they fit into one of the four architectural themes at Cloudland Station. To see the floor plans, go to Southern Living House Plans and type in the name of the home in the search field.

Small / Medium Cottages

The Hillstone Cottage

The Merrick House

The Piedmont

The Four Porches

The Cumberland Chase

Williams Bluff

Walterboro Ridge

Oakdale Lane

The Wynrose

Matthews Court

The Downing

The Ellsworth

The Highland

Woodbury Place

Larger Homes

All of our larger homes at Cloudland Station to date have been fully custom designed homes. That said, the following Southern Living homes have also been approved, but will require certain modifications to meet our architectural requirements. Many of our larger homesites are located in Cloudland Station neighborhoods that have been assigned the Mountain Traditional theme (see Architectural Vision). As such, these homes will need to become more mountainesque in terms of their elevations and the materials used. For example, the siding may be more stone, cypress, and even log at times. In some cases, rough timbers will be used for porch beams and columns.

In general, these homes, once modified, will still read southern traditional, but charmed with thoughtful and tasteful subtleties of authentic mountain and valley architecture. These homes have been chosen primarily because their lines are classic and they will retain their beautiful proportions when modified accordingly.

River Bluff

The Angelique

Cape May

Arden Gate

Champion Hill

Anchorage Hills

Russett Hill

Turnball Park