This Old House Picks Cloudland Station Cottage as Idea House

Perched on the crest of a steep hill, the This Old House Cottage is much smaller than the other Cloudland Station houses yet hard to miss because it is the deep, rich hue of blueberries and topped by a silvery metal roof that sparkles in the sun.

It looks as whimsical as Cloudland’s name sounds and would be a perfect home — full of secret nooks, quirky character and lit by electric candles — for a family of hipster hobbits.

Each year, the minds behind the TV classic “This Old House” select a location for what they call an “idea house,” a showcase for current trends, clever innovations and striking combos of color and design.

The 2015 choice was Cloudland Station. 

‘This Old House’ picks Cloudland Station Cottage as ‘idea house’ _ Times Free Press

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