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Cloudland Station has four overarching architectural themes that are thoughtfully woven into the aesthetic fabric of the masterplan. These four themes, along with our process for inspiring individual creativity, strike a desired balance between a highly coherent look and the right amount of eclecticism that brings about a real authenticity often missing in communities today. It’s what makes our intentional community truly intentional.

Within each theme, there is a variety of acceptable and traditional architectural styles that range in time from the late colonial period to the mid-20th century. Depending on where each theme is designated throughout Cloudland Station’s masterplan, these themes will reflect the choice of lifestyle one desires within Cloudland Station.

Each neighborhood in our healthy living community has been assigned one, or in some cases, two themes. Your preference for one of our four themes can help you determine which neighborhood best fits you.

Cottage Charm

The Cottage Charm architectural style infuses our neighborhood homesites close to the village with exactly that — charm. These picturebook neighborhoods are lined with beautifully handcrafted cottages, many with picket fences. For those looking for a charmed experience just a short walk to the Village, this is your pick for buying a vacation home.

The architectural style reflects historical architecture dating from 1860 to the 1950s. Such homes will be simple in form, with design elements that demonstrate the formalities of those knowledgeable of style and culture, but not pretentious. The primary building structure is traditional framing or timber framing, wrapped in brick, stone or clapboard, or combinations thereof. Many of the European influences are seen in the porch scrollwork, shutters, and more. Front porches are prevalent, so get ready to relax on the porch in your new home community.

In later years, many of these types of homes were brightly painted. However, in the earlier days, the influences of conservation architects like Andrew Jackson Downing (early- to mid-1800s) encouraged then-forward thinkers to consider more natural tones that blended with nature. In our little healthy living village, we will comply with these requests to a certain extent, but we’ll still enjoy some appropriately bright colors as well, informed often by the colors of the roofs.

Homestead Nostalgic

Cloudland Station is graced with meadows and pastures lying about in the shadows of our ridges and mountain. Nestled within these crevasses, we have several little neighborhoods on the valley floor. Remote from the commerce of village life, their language speaks a little more utilitarian in their purpose. Perhaps less definitive than the other zones, these cottages represent a transition between Cottage Charm (discussed above) and Mountain Traditional (discussed below).

As primary architecture elements, we envision clapboard and board and batten siding, tin and shake roofs, with some stone and brick mixed in. Limited Victorian elements, which might add a little more formality, may be mixed in as well. The houses are very simple yet accretive in form, absorbing existing and historical practices, which shows the owners’ desire to keep up with the growing times but remember the beauty and simplicity of the past when building dream homes.

Cabin Rustique

Cloudland Station is abundant with old and spectacular canopies and sun-splintered coves. As one moves into these areas of the property, the conscience stirs with a desire to preserve a memory of what structures might have once been there. The Homestead Nostalgic architecture is consistent with its name and is the most rustic and historic of the four themes. It will consist of both cottages and cabins that speak authenticity. Placed on isolated lots, as well as within small neighborhoods, Homestead Nostalgic will include stone cottages, rustic board and batten cottages, and Appalachian log cabins complemented with stone. Unlike the other themes, Homestead Nostalgic can be built just about anywhere within Cloudland Station. If this is your dream house design, look into building a house with us.

Mountain Traditional

Many homesites exist atop ridges and on the side of the mountain. These homesites are laid out with a sense of community, while also allowing for privacy. Less historic than all other themes, these homes simply hold to more traditional lines. Materials will include stone, brick, and wood siding, and they may even have log cabin accents. These homes tend to be larger, with a look and feel more reflective of your traditional Southern living mountain homes.


Ready to build a house? Does one of these four themes match your style and goals for a second house, summer home, primary home, or dream home design? Whether you’re coming from Tallahassee, Birmingham, Atlanta, Chattanooga, or somewhere else, it’s time to visit Cloudland Station today and see the architectural styles of our intentional community in person.

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