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Choosing Your Home

Cloudland Station is a unique place built on certain ideals of yesteryear, while purposefully designed to enjoy the modern conveniences of today, especially when it comes to building a house. Whether you choose to adopt a pre-approved plan and adjust it to your personal preferences or you have a dream home design already and have a custom home built, we are here to help make that experience both enjoyable and efficient. People from Tallahassee, Birmingham, Atlanta, and Chattanooga all call Cloudland Station home, and you could be next with our new home construction.

Our desire is to infuse your own creative ideas into the design of your home while ensuring that all homes continue to beautify Cloudland Station in a way that is consistent with the architectural design standards in the ARB (Architectural Review Board).

Architectural Guidelines

Cloudland Station’s ARB Design Guidelines are titled Brushstrokes™. Specifically, Cloudland Station’s design goals, through Brushstrokes, are threefold:

1. To create a beautiful home that you love and that meets your lifestyle requirements

2. To allow as little or as much of your own creativity as you desire to invest in the process

3. To create a look and feel of a southern province that includes the diversity of authentic mountain, valley, and village architecture as well as an evolution of such architecture over a long historic period – the era of the late colonial south up through the mid-1900s. 

Once a neighborhood and lot choice are final, the customer can choose to build either a semi-custom or a full-custom home.

Semi-Custom Home

For those that want something much more than a typical model home, but do not want to invest in a full custom designed home, we have two Semi-Custom approaches:

1 – You can take an existing Cloudland Station pre-approved house plan and we can make custom modifications to meet your requests. Modifications might include floorplan changes, an added basement, an extended porches, etc. Note that many of our pre-approved plans require some changes to the elevation at a minimum.

2 – You can bring us a house plan that you have discovered and request Architectural Review Board approval.

The Semi-Custom approaches to choosing your home are by far the most cost effective and most utilized approaches by homeowners at Cloudland Station.

Full-Custom Home

Finally, for those who desire a fully custom designed home, they must hire an architect who is experienced in historic and traditional Southern architectural design. The architect must comply with Brushstrokes, Cloudland Station's design guidelines. Also, the homeowner, the architect, and a member of Cloudland Station's ARB must have an initial meeting before the architect creates a concept drawing. This first meeting can save a lot of time, money, and energy in the long run.


Ready to build the house of your dreams? We can’t wait to have you in our healthy living, intentional community. Visit us today to see already-built second houses, summer homes, primary homes, and more in person.

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