The Masterplan


A Living Canvas

Cloudland Station represents a new way of thinking when it comes to masterplanning. The goal was to create a special place that serves as a true oasis amidst the hectic pace that swirls all around us in this modern age - a place where families and friends would find real respite - a place that would reconnect them in a special way.

Our overarching guide for accomplishing this was a single theme - create a place where people  "Take Time for the Simple Things." This has proven to be one of the greatest decisions made at the inception of Cloudland Station, because simple things are simple pleasures that beautify our lives, ground us in things that matter, and truly re-connect us to the ones that matter most.

The location of Cloudland Station was chosen foremost because of the beautiful natural canvas. It includes both mountain and valley topography and is full of shady hollows, sunny meadows, and a host of creeks, streams, and ponds like our very own Lake Angela.

The plentiful amenities created here are designed to enhance this landscape and to recreate in this beauty.

The combination of these added elements and the bountiful provision of beautiful nature create a living canvas for members to enjoy for a lifetime. A life at Cloudland Station means a lifetime of recreation and fellowship. The legacies made by our members are the true brushstrokes upon our canvas. Their lives paint the wonderful world we call Cloudland Station.

Our Mission

Cloudland Station was created for a specific mission:

To create a place of exceptional beauty. To have that place provide continuous rejuvenation for its members.

To achieve this mission Cloudland Station must succeed in 5 ways:

  • Connect our members and their guests with nature.
  • Connect families with each other and their community, while preserving their desired privacy.
  • Create a place of nostalgia and enduring traditions.
  • Create a healthy living lifestyle that fosters good health, romance, adventure, and recreation.
  • Create a place where talents, hobbies, experiences, and wisdom are celebrated and shared.
Cloudland Station Masterplan high res


A Morning Stroll

To put the masterplan into a more personal perspective, join us for a fictional morning walk. We'll take you through a small portion of our vast masterplan. We hope this helps you catch a glimpse into the world of Cloudland Station. A world where we take time to celebrate the simple things.


Begin in the village square with a cup of coffee. The coffee shop is a one-room schoolhouse turned into a coffee house. Maybe check out a book at the lending library.

Relax on the coffee house’s deck and enjoy the long vista view of Lake Angela. When you're finished, head down to Mill Creek only a few steps away.

Cross a rustic cedar bridge by the old spring house. Climb into our American Gothic-style treehouse. This masterpiece was built by Animal Planet's famous Treehouse Master, Pete Nelson.

Enjoy the sound of the rustling waters for a bit. Then head up the creek path for a short rope ferry ride across Wishing Bridge pond.

Continue along the creek path toward the mountain. Cross the swinging rope bridge. Pass the community garden.

Proceed until you reach a meadow called Orchard Park. Here, you can try your hand at bocce or croquet. Or you can sit on the swinging bench next to the large brick patio and fire pit.

From here, take a path toward the foot of the mountain. Visit the 215-year-old Cherokee Chief’s cabin. Contemplate the ancient history and storytelling that took place here.

Walk behind the cabin to see an abundance of water flowing out of a small cave spring. Peruse the wildflowers along the stream bed.

Now cross the creek and follow a trail to the beautiful, bridal veil waterfall known as Peacock Falls.

Take the trail across Firefly Cove to the country crossroads. Enjoy a treat at the water mill and Sweet Shoppe.

After enjoying an ice cream sandwich or your favorite cold beverage, head north through Firefly Cove.  Keep walking until you see our 165-year-old, renovated recreation barn. Play a game of ping pong, human foosball, or basketball.

A little further up the hill and you will arrive at Lantern Cove where you can cool off in the old fashion swimmin’ hole. If you're brave, maybe even try out the rope swing.

Finally, just above the swimmin’ hole, take the rest of the morning to relax. You can lounge poolside, at our ridge-side, infinity-edge pool. The view here is nothing short of spectacular.

Return to your home and revel in the beauty of intentional communities.

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