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The Masterplan


The Masterplan as a Living Canvas

Cloudland Station represents a new way of thinking when it comes to master planning. One of the more unique communities in the country, Cloudland Station is comprised of many handcrafted amenities, a story-based approach to its layout and architecture, and an abundance of natural beauty, preserved for permanent enjoyment.

These elements together create a living canvas for members to enjoy a lifetime of recreation, fellowship, and most of all, continuous renewal. For it is these members' legacies that are the true brushstrokes upon this canvas, as their lives paint a wonderful world we call Cloudland Station. Our intentional community is home to people from Tallahassee, Birmingham, Atlanta, Chattanooga, and beyond — and you could be next. Read more about Cloudland Station here, and then visit us for new home construction, a second house, or a summer home in a magical setting.

The Masterplan as a Mission

Cloudland Station was created for a specific mission:

to create a place so exceptional that it serves as a source of continuous renewal in the lives of members

To accomplish this mission, we believe that Cloudland Station must succeed in sustaining five specific objectives:

  • Connecting our members and their guests with nature and the beautiful outdoors
  • Connecting families with each other and their community, while preserving their desired privacy
  • Creating a place of nostalgia and enduring traditions
  • Creating a healthy living lifestyle that fosters good health, romance, adventure, and recreation
  • Creating a place where individual talents, hobbies, experiences, and wisdom are celebrated and shared

The Masterplan as a Theme

Early on, the ideal of "Taking Time for the Simple Things" emerged as a simple, all-inclusive theme. We believed that a new home community that uniquely fostered this ideal would be a place of deep and unparalleled renewal. Hence the celebration and the enjoyment of simple things became the inspiration, the compass, the litmus test for every amenity built, every community space created, and every activity sponsored.

At Cloudland Station, we believe that a morning walk with friends down a creekside trail, teaching a child how to bait a fish hook, or an afternoon game of checkers with neighbors at the general store are the kinds of things that truly enrich, renew, and connect us. Cloudland Station is a mix of some of the best things: healthy living, agrihoods, Southern Living-inspired designs, intentional communities, and more. All of these aspects allow for those special experiences — like a walk with friends or teaching a child to fish — to happen more frequently and more easily.

The Masterplan as a Natural Canvas

This ideal of “Taking Time for the Simple Things” needed a very particular topography, a place of uncommon natural beauty and endless recreational possibilities. It needed to be both mountain and valley.

Nestled in a beautiful, historic valley alongside famous Lookout Mountain, Cloudland Station is a dreamscape of 450 acres in a world of natural beauty. It is a tapestry of old canopied forests, sun-splintered meadows, and richly shaded coves, all laced together with meandering brooks, hiking trails, and walking paths. When building a house, why not first choose the area that has it all?

The expansive acreage of Cloudland Station is 450+ acres and was chosen because we desired a unique combination of mountain, ridge, and valley topography. Many developments offer wonderful mountain views and scenery, but do not provide for enough rolling land to create community amenities, which are central to Cloudland Station's purpose and mission. The valley enables this. It is also where natural life teems, the creeks merge, and the lakes form. This is the place where the villages were built throughout history, where the crossroads country store would have been built. It is the place where nature and people intersect. Furthermore, the valley is filled with hollows, coves, and meadows that serve as perfect settings for smaller hamlets of homes where one can find just the right balance of neighbors and privacy. WIth this new home construction, you’re promised endless adventure and exploration, right within the comfort of your home.


The Masterplan as a Nature Preserve

Cloudland Station has a passionate commitment to treading ever-so-lightly on this natural canvas with which we have been entrusted. Our goal is to evoke a sense of nostalgia in all we create and build here, but not without maintaining the natural beauty that abounds. In this vein, approximately 300 acres have been placed in trust to ensure these acres will never be developed. This acreage plus the common acreage approaches 75 percent of the total development of our intentional community.

The Masterplan as a Story

Finally, in keeping with this theme of “Taking Time for the Simple Things,” we believed authenticity, history, and nostalgia were important informants of this theme. As such, we created a unique approach to planning and designing our masterplan layout. We used a history of what we knew happened, what we believed might have happened, and, finally, what could have happened to create a story. For example, when we sited the community pool, we asked the question: where would a late 1800s resort have been created for vacationers from Chattanooga, Tallahassee, Atlanta, Birmingham, and beyond? Where would the old roads have been laid to get to this resort? How would the signage look and which direction would they face?

The methods and answers to some of these might fall contrary to modern development practices and even may seem done without deference to the modern guest. The rewards, however, are great and the modern guest is not left offended in the least, but rather enjoys an acutely more authentic and nostalgic experience upon arrival. From the tiny house cottages to the General Store to the farm-to-table mentality, Cloudland Station offers the best of the past, with modern conveniences we all enjoy.

Essentially, Cloudland Station reads like a history book of a Southern province that evolved and ripened over 250 years. The execution of this was done in phases, slowly learning the lay of the land and creating the story in chapters, a painstakingly slow process that has taken far longer than most developments do. However, in the end, Cloudland Station has enhanced its natural beauty and its real history without violating either and delivers a truly unique aesthetic. It’s not just any new home construction — it’s a new home community with nostalgic magic from yesteryear.


The Masterplan as Distinct Architectural Regions

The architecture that spans the 250 years of history includes such well-known styles as Victorian, Craftsman and American Gothic, Appalachian, English Revival, and American Traditional, to name but a few. More importantly, these styles have different feels and adaptations depending on whether they were built in a small village neighborhood, the countryside, or under the canopy of a mountain. So it is with Cloudland Station. We have carried the story-based planning concept throughout each neighborhood, creating an authenticity that, to our knowledge, has never been created in a new community. Whether it’s your second house, summer home, or primary home, it will certainly be your dream house design.

Specifically, the overall province of Cloudland Station reflects three primary architectural regions: the downtown crossroads community, the transitional farming countryside, and the mountain wilderness. The structures of each setting showcase the architectural realities of days-gone-by for each. The downtown is represented by Southern town cottages, often nuanced with architectural embellishments; the farmhouses in the countryside reflect the utilitarian beauty of farm-life; and the mountain wilderness showcases the rustic cabin life of the Appalachian wilderness. Furthermore, the architecture within each of these distinct settings varies to reflect the realities of architectural evolution through different socio-economic eras up to the early- to mid-1900s.

Cloudland Station looks as though it actually evolved over 150 years and then was preserved for yet another 100 years. The architecture is excellent and exacting. It is a blend of the rustic and the not-so-rustic; a blend of the not-so-old and the old. Varying the architecture in this way ensures a look that is authentic rather than a look that is overdone. Firefly Communities has named this innovative development concept “Crossroads Urbanism™.”

Masterplan as Community Spaces

Cloudland Station is ultimately designed with three larger primary community spaces surrounded by many other smaller ones. The three primary community living spaces are the Cloudland Station Village, Mill Creek Orchards, and Lantern Cove.

The Cloudland Station is the centerpiece. The village is placed on crossroads in the head of our own Peacock Valley, which ultimately leads to the foot of Lookout Mountain. The village will comprise a one-room schoolhouse, general store, town hall, Appalachian Opera House, and cafe. In addition, there will be other human touches to slightly urbanize this country setting. Examples include street lamps, a park with an old bandstand, and well-worn footpaths leading over footbridges.

Mill Creek Orchards is about a quarter of a mile further down the main road and up the valley — at the foot of Lookout Mountain. Here, at a historical crossroads, we created Mill Creek Orchards to include a water mill, a Sweet Shoppe, and a recreation park area.

Lantern Cove is just a little north of Mill Creek Orchards through a narrow pass. Lantern Cove emulates an old resort cove and includes an infinity pool, recreation barn, swimming hole, and sand volleyball and basketball courts.

Throughout and beyond these three primary areas of recreation and gathering are a number of permanent and second home neighborhoods with connecting trails and additional amenities.


The Masterplan as a Growing Agrihood

Cloudland Station is a growing agrihood anchored by its very own Early Moon Farms. With freshly planted orchards and expanding gardens, Cloudland Station is committed to organics and farm-to-table fresh produce. With beehives flourishing, chickens arriving soon, and other expansions planned, the goals of Cloudland Station as an agrihood has no bounds. Our recent farmstand, The Plucky Peacock, is the perfect place for members to find their weekly supply of fresh and healthy produce.

Whether you’re moving to our healthy living community from Chattanooga, Atlanta, Tallahassee, Birmingham, or another locale, we have something for you. Contact us with questions or visit us today.

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A Morning Stroll


To put the masterplan into a more personal perspective, join us for a pretend morning walk through just a small portion of our vast masterplan and enjoy a glimpse into the world of Cloudland Station where we truly take time to celebrate the simple things.


First, begin in the village square with a cup of coffee at the coffee shop (a one-room schoolhouse turned into a coffee house and lending library).

After relaxing on the coffee house’s deck and taking in the long vista view of Lake Angela, head down to Mill Creek only a few steps away.

Cross the rustic cedar bridge by the old spring house and climb up to the grand American Gothic-style tree house, built by famous Animal Planet celebrity Pete Nelson.

Enjoy the sound of the rustling waters for a bit, and then head up the creek path just a few steps for a short rope ferry ride across Wishing Bridge pond.

Continue along the creek path toward the mountain, crossing the swinging rope bridge and passing the community garden that ensures your farm-to-table meals.

Proceed until you reach a meadow called Orchard Park. Here, you can try your hand at bocce or croquet, or you can sit on the swinging bench next to the large brick patio and fire pit.

From there, take the path toward the foot of the mountain. Visit the 215-year-old Cherokee Chief’s cabin, and contemplate the ancient history and storytelling that took place there for many years.

Walk down behind the cabin to see the abundance of water flowing out of a small cave spring and peruse all the wildflowers along the stream bed.

Now cross the creek and follow the path to the beautiful, bridal veil waterfalls known as Peacock Falls.

Take the path across Firefly Cove to the country crossroads to enjoy a treat at the water mill and Sweet Shoppe.

After enjoying an ice cream sandwich or your favorite cold beverage, head north through Firefly Cove to our 165-year-old, renovated recreation barn for some ping pong, human foosball, or basketball.

A little further up the hill and you will arrive at Lantern Cove where you will enjoy the old fashion swimmin’ hole and rope swing.

Finally, just above the swimmin’ hole, take the rest of the morning to relax, poolside, at our ridge-side, saline infinity edge pool. The view here is nothing short of spectacular. Return to your primary or secondary home, your summer home, vacation home, or more and revel in the beauty of intentional communities.

And that is a morning stroll at Cloudland Station.

Cloudland Station Amenities


  • Cider Mill Sweet Shoppe
  • Cahutta Pioneer Corn Crib (Circa mid 1800’s)
  • Wagon Shed/Kid’s Fort
  • Apple Barn
  • Historic Cherokee Chief’s Cabin (Circa 1790)
  • Ice House (commercial bathrooms)
  • Recreation Barn and Sports Complex
  • Ridge Side Saline Pool with Infinity Edge
  • Mill Creek Rope Swing
  • Village Green
  • The Village
  • Lending Library and Coffee Shop (near completion)
  • General Store (coming soon)
  • Cafe (coming soon)
  • Town Hall (coming soon)
  • Appalachian Opera House (in process)
  • Kids Grand Treehouse - designed and built by celebrity treehouse builder - Pete Nelson
  • Covered Bridge
  • Parks and Camp Areas


  • Locust Tree Appalachian style split-rail fencing
  • Treehouse Park
  • Parish Park
  • Stone Bridges and Walls
  • Pavilions, Firepits and Chimneys
  • Village Patio and Chimney
  • Bocce Court
  • ¼ acre Swim’n Hole with Rope Swing
  • Swim’n Hole Beach
  • Horse Shoes
  • Croquet Court
  • Kick-the-Can Field
  • Amphitheatre
  • Basketball Court
  • Cove Ball Field
  • Sand Volley Ball Court
  • Tether Ball
  • Blueberry Ridge Pavilion
  • The Meadows Pavilion
  • The Orchards Patio
  • Peacock Falls Pavilion
  • Firefly Cove Pavilion
  • Firefly Cove Chimney
  • Community Gardens
  • Miles of Hiking Trails


  • Mill Creek
  • Lake Angela
  • Candlelight Lake
  • Wishing Bridge Pond
  • The Swimming Hole
  • Parish Springs
  • Cherokee Springs
  • 6th longest cave in Ga
  • Peacock Falls
  • Hidden Hollow
  • Moonshine Hollow
  • Lookout Mountain Forest
  • Highlands Lookout
  • Candlelight Forest
  • Porchlight Hollow
  • Firefly Cove


  • Wireless Access at Various Venues
  • State-of-the-Art Fiber to the Homes
  • Hydrant Access and Rating

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