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Meet our Team

The Cloudland Station team’s goal is to serve the community both inside and outside of the gate!


John Tatum

CEO of Cloudland Station

John Tatum is the CEO of Firefly Communities, LLC, the development company of Cloudland Station. John has served as CEO for 15 years and is dedicated to creating an authentic community lifestyle.

Caroline Wade

Caroline Wade

Community Director

Caroline assists John in all things Cloudland Station. From organizing community events to overseeing communications, her goal is to foster community life here and is eager to help you with the discovery process of making Cloudland Station your home.

Candle Light Forest Staff

Angie Tatum

Director of Guest Services

Angie provides scheduling services for both our owners and our prospective owners. Our unique community has accommodations for owners in our charming Watercolor Cabins prior to an owner's build out. Prospective owners are also invited to enjoy our Watercolor Cabins as part of their journey to learn more about Cloudland Station.


Courtney Collins

Real Estate Sales

Courtney is ready to assist you in purchasing within Cloudland Station. She is capable of answering all your questions related in the purchase process

Letter from the Developer

Fifteen years ago, I had a crazy idea born from a simple passion: as a father, I wanted my children to have the opportunity to experience the things that made my childhood so special and memorable to me. As my wife, Angie, and I watched our kids grow up in this fast-paced world, we yearned to find moments that made time stand still. Not only did we want this for our family, but also for the friends who desired this same escape for their families. Searching for these moments turned into a vision for what life could look like if we chose to take time for the simple things. Out of this vision, Cloudland Station was born.

Our community has grown to nearly 70 families over these 15 years, and we continue to find people who share in this vision of bringing the past into the present. As we find new community members, we expand our understanding and vision for what it means to embrace the simple things in life. We are always thrilled to discover new opportunities for enjoying life in this beautiful setting, whether it is a new hobby a member is passionate about, or a new idea that sparks inspiration for an event or activity yet to be developed. Cloudland Station began as my passion project, but has grown to become the passion of the community we have developed here.

Our hope at Cloudland Station is to invite our community to create a legacy of connection with their family and friends–connection to nature and each other. When you drive through our gates, we hope that you breathe a sigh of relief as you enter this beautiful oasis. As your family enjoys S’mores around a campfire under a starry sky, we hope that time stands still and these memories become cornerstones in your family’s story. 

I hope that you are inspired to find moments to embrace the simple things with the ones you love. If you find it difficult to unplug, I invite you to visit our community and experience the serenity of time standing still at Cloudland Station

∼ John Tatum


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