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Time for the Simple Things

Whether it is a morning walk with friends down a creekside trail, or teaching a child how to bait their first hook, such simple pleasures are the best antidote to disconnected and stress-filled living.

Here at Cloudland Station, taking time for simple things is the very rhythm of life, enriching us all with more beautiful, healthy and connected lives.

Meet the Developer

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Cloudland Station Designer Showcottage

We recently announced a unique collaboration between Cloudland Station and Harrison Design of Atlanta to introduce a new showcottage, The Mountain Laurel. This home was presented by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine upon completion. It is but one of many beautiful homes at Cloudland Station.

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Cloudland Station Recreation Barn
Coudland Station Inifinity Edge Pool
Cider Mill House Cloudland Station

Highlights of Cloudland Station

  • Upper Most Northwest Corner of Georgia
  • 17 minutes from the heart of downtown Chattanooga
  • In the Chattanooga Valley along the east side of Lookout Mountain
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The Masterplan

What does it look like to create a place that encourages people to truly take time for the simple things? This was the driving question that lead the development team at Cloudland Station to consider a different approach, a different model for developing a community.

We had to look no further than the past for our inspiration. Beautiful rural villages were the places that historically embraced the simple things most. Villages and their surrounding provinces evolved with the stories of people coming together to build a life of simpler pleasures.

Our vision for Cloudland Station became a story of how a village and surrounding province may have evolved in our uniquely beautiful valley and mountainside. We call this Stories Reimagined. This masterplan is a true oasis in our modern world, calling us into a life of taking time for the simple things, yet not without enjoying the full modern conveniences our 21st century has to offer as well.

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Community Map

Our longterm plan for Cloudland Station.


Community Life

Taking time to enjoy the simple things harkens back to a time of true neighborliness, where your community included the people you lived close to. At Cloudland Station, we strive to create intentional opportunities for community life to flourish.

Recreational Activities

Cloudland Station boasts a plethora of recreational activities, both natural to the land (trails and lakes) and man-made (recreation barn and infinity-edge pool) for family and friends to enjoy. These amenities are a priority in our community, and we pride ourselves on creating an abundance of opportunities for the community to enjoy being active together.

Community Events

Our traditions cultivate our intentional and authentic community. In addition to the regular rhythms of time spent with friends and neighbors, we host annual events to bring everyone together. These events include The Firefly Ball, a Fourth of July Celebration, and men's and women's retreat weekends.


Our Agri-Community

While still in it's growing phase, Cloudland Station is invested in creating a prosperous agri-hood, which includes gardens, orchards, and vineyards as part of Early Moon Farms. The farm's charming Plucky Peacock farmstand provides freshly picked produce as well as a pick-and-pay honor system enabling the enjoyment of the freshest of farm to table produce straight from the gardens.


Distinct neighborhoods make up the community of Cloudland Station. Each neighborhood has a unique look and feel following the masterplan of preservation through the eras.

  • Lantern Cove Overlook

  • Maple Hill

  • Cherokee Knoll

  • Mill Creek Village


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Homes & Homesites

Ready to find your home here at Cloudland Station? We have unique options to cater to you at whatever stage of the home buying process you are in.

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