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Cloudland Station, located 17 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, is a unique, gated resort community set in a beautiful mountain and valley oasis. Meandering creeks, tumbling waterfalls, lush green meadows and shady coves await those who want a life of tranquility and beauty.

A vast array of amenities have been lightly interposed for the enjoyment of its owners, fulfilling a comprehensive masterplan designed around an intentional, one-of-a-kind theme - one we believe will change your life:

"Taking time for the Simple Things."


Developer of Cloudland Station

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Through Beautiful, Healthy, Connected Living.




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Start by joining us for a day tour or a  Discovery Getaway Weekend. Stay in one of our charming Watercolor Cabins at discounted rates. Enjoy our amenities and take a tour of the property. If you think this just might, could be, by chance, the right place, then keep going...


After you've taken a tour and you decide you want to know more, ask us about the Cloudland Station Driving Club. We've created a novel approach to allow people to really get to know our community. We understand it's a huge decision. You should be confident in your decision.

Here's How it Works


Subscribe to our community newsletter. Don’t worry, we won’t be emailing you constantly or trying to sell you anything. This is our community newsletter sent monthly to owners. It will update you on property improvements and upcoming events.


When you see an event that looks fun, join us! These are our exclusive Member events and you’ll get to know our friends and neighbors. Join us for our 4th of July picnic and Memorial Day cookout. Eat too many wings while you watch a football game by the firepit at our Fall celebration. Dance the night away at our annual Firefly Ball.


Enjoy unlimited open gate passes during the year.  While here, wander off-trail on our 500 acres and chart an undiscovered hollow. Get a tan by the infinity pool. Pop by the sweet shoppe for an ice cream cone. Poke a fire until midnight with your family. Make friends with the goats. Plant flowers in our garden and watch them grow.


Interested in more Discovery Getaway Weekends? We’ll extend our discounted rates for up to a year.


If you realize Cloudland Station isn’t the right fit for you, that’s no problem! Perhaps it served as a good reference point to compare to another community. In the end, we hope Cloudland Station becomes special to you like it is to us.

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Robbin and I love Cloudland Station! We visited a few times and decided to purchase a vacation home on the property in December 2019. We highly recommend this place as a second home and even a place to retire! When I retire in a couple of years, we will gladly leave the hectic city life and enjoy the peacefulness that surrounds Cloudland Station!
-Paul and Robbin Day
"Our family has been coming to Cloudland Station for years and enjoy the pristine beauty of this region. A lovely combination of rustic and refined. Always plenty to do and see at Cloudland Station, from hiking to wandering Candlelight Forest and discovering the tree house or goats and chicken house, or the natural beauty of the lake and streams."
-Connie Herrell

"A beautiful, well-maintained area. A high-class testament to the beauty of the region." -Thomas Cox

"A beautiful, quaint spot where you can practice true rest." - Carl Fisher
"Such a fun place to simply relax" - Catherine Krabbe

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