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Just the Facts provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about Cloudland Station.

A Quick Overview of Cloudland Station

The Provinces of Cloudland Station

Cloudland Station is comprised of three provinces, each offering a distinctive residential experience:

The Hamlets


The Estates

The following map sets forth the layout of each of the Provinces, including the adjoining resort, Candlelight Forest. 

The Hamlets include various clusters of smaller village homesites along Cloudland Station's very own sun-splintered valley as well as the ridges that hem in and overlook the valley.

Approximately 20 homesites are still available in the Hamlets.

Mountainside has just become available with 1/2 -1 acre lots. These homesites are hidden in the forest canopies along the morning side of famous Lookout Mountain.

Approximately 40 new homesites are initially available in Mountainside.

The Estates has also just become available with 5-acre estate lots and also one fully fenced 13-acre horse farm.

6 new homesites are initially available in The Estates.

Uncommon Natural Beauty

Mountain springs, babbling creeks, and cascading waterfalls caress the meadows and hardwood forests that bejewel Cloudland Station. A lifetime of discovery awaits those who will venture in.  

Morning hikes yield colorful wildflowers nestled under the canopies of old sycamores, hickories, and oaks. Butterflies dance over shimmering brooks as dragon flies alight on moss covered creek stones. Every turn along the path brings new surprises and beckons you to return again the next day for more.

 Enjoy this small sampling of photos from the natural dreamscape that is Cloudland Station,  and imagine your life enveloped in such a rich tapestry of nature. For bathing in nature is just the way of life at Cloudland Station.


At Cloudland Station, everything is connected with miles of trails and paths including community areas and neighborhoods, but also access to our vast forests for those up for adventure and discovery.


The Valley Trace is our signature greenway (in progress). A meandering pathway stretches the full length of our Peacock Valley.  Many short excursions along the way, will include gardens, meditation benches, picnic tables and gathering spots ensuring a varied experience each time traveled.



Cloudland Station abounds with amenities. From the village hearth to places hidden deep in the forest, amenities have been created with a very specific theme in mind. The theme is...

Time for the Simple Things

The amenities are there to encourage you to enjoy a life more enriched with simpler pleasures. Why? We believe taking time for simple things is a much needed elixir for the soul in these fast and modern times.  A quick game of bocce at Mill Creek Meadows, having a favorite beverage with besties at the Swimmin' Hole beach, fireside chats under the stars atop Maple Hill are just a few examples.

Following are some of the many handcrafted and thoughtfully placed amenities throughout the three provinces of Cloudland Station.

Mill Creek Meadows

    • Honor system sweet shoppe
    • Water mill
    • Bocce Court
    • Croquet Court
    • Large firepit and stone patio

The Recreation Cove including:

    • 1850s recreation barn with pingpong, human foosball, grilling station
    • Basketball and pickle ball court
    • Sand volleyball court
    • Old fashion swimming' hole with rope swing and beach
    • Infinity edge swimming pool
    • Sports field

The Village at Cloudland Station

    • Old Schoolhouse sitting room
    • Coffee Bean self-serve coffee bar
    • Outdoor hearth and patio
    • Village Hall pavilion
    • Community Cafe (planned)
    • General Store (planned)
    • Town Hall & Library/ (planned)
    • Recreation treehouse (built by Pete Nelson of Tree House Masters TV Show)
    • Huck Finn rope ferry 

Early Moon Farms, Cloudland Station's Farmstead

    • Vegetable garden
    • Apple and pear orchards
    • Goats, chickens and donkeys
    • Plucky Peacock farmstand and Picnickery

Miscellaneous Outdoor Features

    • Fire pits
    • Fireplaces
    • Pavilions and overlooks

An Active and Fun Community

A full active calendar of major and minor events are enjoyed every year. Eight major events are annual traditions that all Members have come to expect and enjoy.  Smaller pop up events are added with unique themes to fill in any gaps throughout the year. With a full-time Community Director, there never a dull moment should you want to be involved.

Here are the Events heading into 2040:




Cloudland Station has its own in-house, bespoke design studio - BRUSHSTROKES.

Brushstrokes ensures every house is truly custom and no home ever looks the same.

In fact, every home built at Cloudland Station  is inspired by its owner(s), and these homes become the real brushstrokes on the beautiful canvas that is Cloudland Station.

Sarah Grace Tatum,
Director of Brushstrokes Design Studio


For an indefinite period of time, Brushstrokes is offering a deep discount to create Fully Custom Designed Homes for those who purchase a lot from the developer.

The price is .7% of the cost of the home (e.g., a full-custom design for a $1 million home will cost $7,000.)

Intentional Wellness

At the heart of good living, is healthy living. At Cloudland Station, this is intentional. The very purpose of selecting such a beautiful place, was to draw people outside to enjoy the clean mountain air, long vistas, and the wonders of nature seen in so many ways.

Healthy Walks

The beauty of Cloudland Station indeed beckons our members to regular daily walks. For many, it is multiple walks a day... and just how good is that for our bodies and our souls. This has become the norm at Cloudland Station, with most walking along the Valley Trace that follows our babbling Mill Creek. It's exercise that is pure joy. 

FullWell (TM)

Several of our owner-physicians have taken an interest in assisting with developing  certain lifestyle routines within the community that will help us all, as Members, finesse ourselves into old age with optimum health. 

These men and women are very established in their respective careers and have significant experience in nutrition, brain health and physical exercise and desire to bring this knowledge to the community.

This is very exciting and the community looks forward to seeing how this develops with the hope this will be a signature aspect of life at Cloudland Station.  We call this FULLWELL(TM).

A Storybook Masterplan

Guarding a Treasure 

Cloudland Station is a true gem of nature. John Tatum and his development team understood this when Firefly Communities first purchased the land, and they came prepared with a new masterplanning approach to ensure this beauty was protected. They knew that the conventional masterplanning methods for a new subdivision would not do it justice. This is the short story of how this one-of-a-kind masterplanning methodology, which began many years ago, came to fruition.

The Backstory

One lazy summer Sunday afternoon, when John was a young lad, he asked his Dad to drive him into the countryside, outside Tallahassee Fl., where he grew up. His Dad was always up for spending time with John, so off they went. John was the navigator and using a fold-up map, he was in charge of where they went; and through the back roads of north Florida they explored. John recalls that first drive was somewhere east of Tallahassee, and they stopped to enjoy an ice cream sandwich together at a crossroads general store. This became a fun ritual that was repeated again and again on those outings, which John still treasures today.

John's innate love of exploring country roads started early and this passion never stopped. He continued these weekend drives with his own four children when they were young. With a DeLorme Gazeteer Map in hand and his wife’s borrowed van, he carried on his Dad's legacy, exploring the country roads outside of Atlanta. 

John, through these weekend jaunts, discovered the awesome beauty that permeates what he refers to as the "rural provinces" of Georgia, and also his favorite area, NW Georgia, which ultimately became the choice location of Cloudland Station. Little did John know that these weekend excursions would play a role in developing Cloudland Station many years later, but they in fact did.

The Beauty of the Province 

A southern rural province is not a defined measurement of land, nor a governmental designation of any sort; and while it serves as a description of what John could cover in a long day's meanderings in the country with his dad or his kids, it is more than that. It is a ruralscape that includes many beautiful vistas as one travels through it. It is the place where small crossroads and small villages share a swath of all this natural beauty. Its a place of old farms, railroad crossings, museums, public parks, and all kinds of flowing water.

It is not a planned place, but a place that grows organically. It is space people inhabit for working, recreation, worshipping, and raising families, and after 250 years, a province will have amassed many great stories. The stories are often told in books, preserved letters, and the folklore passed down through the centuries. However, John heard another set of stories. The stories that John could hear came to him in his car driving down the country road. These stories were whispered by the buildings he passed by. These buildings each had their own tales. Whether it was a barn sitting too close to a narrow spot in the road, or a train depot being repurposed as a coffee shop, or a home set on a hill far away looking off peculiarly in an odd direction, these are the storytellers that John would listen to. Nothing was ever certain in what a building told. But that never mattered. It was fun to ponder and beautiful to see. 

Reimagined Stories 

John, in time, came to realize that the rural province is perhaps the most beautiful large scale community in existence. Its evolving architecture, spanning over 250 years, adorns its villages, neighborhoods, and farms with special charm and nostalgia. Its un-imposition on the surrounding rolling hills and forests serve to preserve sweeping and beautiful vistas. Its organic growth over centuries allowed for an eclectic beauty that could have never been planned. Most important, its way of life proved to be a near perfect balance between human intervention and nature.

John soaked in this for many years and ultimately decided to build a community that would pay homage to the rural province. Picking the best and most fitting stories from those he visited over the years, these stories would be reimagined in another place - Cloudland Station. Today Cloudland Station is the first masterplanned community to replicate the beauty of the rural province.

The Result (coming soon)

Click here to learn about the specific Re-Imagined Stories that have informed the Cloudland Station masterplan (coming soon).

A Community with a Mission

A Mission

Before the developer set out to create a masterplan for this new community, a mission had already been established...

The Mission:

to create a community where its Members would truly experience beautiful, healthy and connected living.

How Would this Mission be Accomplished?

The developers believed this was possible if two objectives were met...

The Two Objectives:

    • To create amenities that would inspire and enable a Community to take more time to enjoy simple pleasures; and 
    • to create such a community in a world surrounded by uncommon natural beauty.


Why These Two Objectives?

We believe that when individuals, families, and friends routinely break from the chaos and technology of our busy world and take time for the simple things, they live more beautiful, healthy and connected lives. Moreover, this takes place best when living at the very hearth of the great outdoors. Together, these create an elixir for the very best of living.

A Novel Solution

The masterplan that has been created to accomplish these two objectives and this Mission actually began many years ago when a young lad asked his Dad to take a drive into the countryside outside of Tallahassee, Fl.

We invite you to take a few minutes and read the story...

A Storybook Masterplan

Enjoy a Photo Tour of the Hamlets as well as an E-Brochure prepared in the Early Stages of the Hamlets...

Please allow a minute for loading.


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