Build in an Agri-Community and Live a Legacy

Many of us are spending more time together than ever before, so the need for extra space has never been more valuable. Perhaps all this togetherness is what is contributing to the steady growth of the luxury housing market. Second Homes are On the Rise During May, Realtor.com reported that prices experienced a 6.1 percent…

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What is An “Agrihood”?

So why are agrihoods becoming so popular? Well, according to a survey by the Urban Land Institute, “73 percent of U.S. residents consider access to fresh, healthy foods to be a high or top priority.” This desire in American families has led several thousand to pursue agrihood-style living. Increasingly, folks want to know where their…

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9 Reasons Moving to Chattanooga is Amazing

Chattanooga? Am I pronouncing that right? Isn’t Chattanooga that town with a bunch of trains? It’s in the Southeast, right? The population growth for this little mountain city has been explosive over the last 5 years. There’s a reason it was named Outside Magazine’s “Best Town Ever” 2 years in a row. In fact, it’s…

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