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We promise to make the process of designing and building your dream home simple and efficient.

Cloudland Station looks like it genuinely evolved over 150 years... and then was preserved for another 100 years. The architecture is excellent and exacting. It is a blend of the rustic and the not-so-rustic; the old and the not-so-old. Varying the architecture this way ensures an authentic look that isn't overdone. Firefly Communities has named this innovative development concept “Crossroads Urbanism."™

Take a Closer Look

The following video below provides a small sample of some of the homes that have been built here at Cloudland Station. Each home reflects the desires and lifestyle of the homeowner. The possibilities for customization are endless.

We provide a detailed booklet of available design plans that can be tailored and customized to your household needs once you have joined us onsite for a Cloudland Station tour.

Full Time Residence. Vacation Homes.

Custom Builds.

Semi-Custom Builds.

Our downtown neighborhood is represented by Southern town cottages. The farmhouses of the meadows reflect the utilitarian beauty of farm-life. Mountain wilderness showcases the rustic cabin life of Appalachia.