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Cloudland Station looks like it genuinely evolved over 150 years... and then was preserved for another 100 years. The architecture is excellent and exacting. It is a blend of the rustic and the not-so-rustic; the old and the not-so-old. Varying the architecture this way ensures an authentic look that isn't overdone. Firefly Communities has named this innovative development concept “Crossroads Urbanism™

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Lot 35

Mill Creek Village

.15 acre homesite. Nestled in the valley at the base of Peacock Ridge. Listen to the sounds of Mill Creek from your back porch. 

Lot 77 

Cherokee Knoll

.25 acre homesite. Perched atop Cherokee Knoll overlooking Lantern Cove, the infinity pool, and the tallest peak on Lookout Mountain. 

Lot 5

Maple Hill

.15 acre homesite. Crowning downtown Cloudland Station, Maple Hill is surrounded by wooded hollows and fruit orchards.


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Our downtown neighborhood is represented by Southern town cottages. The farmhouses of the meadows reflect the utilitarian beauty of farm-life. Mountain wilderness showcases the rustic cabin life of Appalachia.