The Masterplan

Cloudland Station's mission is to foster beautiful, healthy, and connected living.


Cloudland Station is a place of uncommon natural beauty, with mountain and valley landscapes that create endless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Our goal is to be good stewards of this natural beauty by committing to an architectural beauty that compliments these surroundings.


The dynamics of the landscape at Cloudland Station afford endless opportunities for healthy living. From recreational activities like hiking and swimming, to a bountiful valley ripe for producing all kinds of fruits and vegetables, we value the cultivating a healthy lifestyle for our community.


The most important ingredient to our community is the opportunity for connection. By creating gathering spaces like the Infinity Edge Pool and the Appalachian Opera House, we hope to encourage neighbors to become friends and family by taking time to connect with each other in this serene setting.

Reimagined Stories

Cloudland Station reads like a history book of a southern province that evolved over 250 years. The execution of this was done in phases, slowly learning the lay of the land and creating the story in chapters.

We used a history of what we know happened, what we believe might have happened, and what could have happened to create our story. We honored the stories we already knew while carefully writing an imagined history that harmonizes these stories together.

History and Lore

The Peacocks

The first family that settled in our picturesque valley was the Peacocks - hence the use of the name in various aspects of our development.

Cherokee Chief's Cabin

The oldest structure in Walker County, GA (verified by the Daughters of the American Revolution) sits in the back of our valley - a Cherokee Chief's cabin. There are even markings in the cabin made by the original owner.

Civil War Battles

As the history of the valley has been unearthed, we have found small shell casings from bullets that date back to the Civil War era. With the history of the Chickamauga Battlefield nearby, it is no surprise that this area would have had similar activity.

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A Community Preserved in Time

Downtown Crossroads

The downtown is represented by Southern town cottages, often nuanced with architectural embellishments. This includes Mill Creek Village, where you will find the library, coffee house, Appalachian Opera House and more.

Farming Countryside
Mountain Wilderness
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