The Three Best Reasons for Investing in a Second Home

Ever dream of having your own special getaway? A charming place off the well-trodden path of your everyday day life where you escape the harried pace of our 21st century for some much needed rest? Upon arrival you immediately resort to a rhythm of recreation and relaxation, unique to this place. Perhaps you begin with a morning walk along the creek followed by a visit to your favorite coffee shop in the nearby village. Many activities are enjoyed throughout long days where time almost seems to stop. The evening is enveloped with the laughter of your family and friends around the hearth followed with late night games that you only play here, never at home.

It’s this familiarity and rhythm that make a second home something extra special.

Personally, I probably would have expired years ago without taking time for respite along the way. More important, it was incredibly comforting knowing that I if did indeed expire that My wife, Angie, and I had created a ton of special memories for our four children… so much so that I’m in the very business of developing such a place for others. You could say I am a true believer in this way of life.

I’m sharing through a new Blog series what I have learned about second home living, both personally and from my second home neighbors at Cloudland Station. I’ll cover everything from creative cost saving ideas to floorpans to recreation and amenity requirements to traditions that will enrich your overall experience, and much more.

To start, I would like to share some counter-conventional thinking about the one big choice everyone must ultimately make when purchasing a second home…


By property type, I am referring to a beach cottage, lake house, mountain cabin, or perhaps a condo back in the town of your alma mater, as a few examples.

If you are like many, you are unfortunately dreaming about something that is not affordable today. I think this is a mistake. I have done a lot of things wrong in my life but this one I got right and I want to pose a different perspective that may open up the second home possibility for you sooner than later.


There are many reasons to invest in a second home, but I would like to share my top three.


1 – CONTINUOUS RENEWAL – A second home needs to be a place that regularly renews you and your family from this fast-paced world. Since the beginning of time, we have been encouraged to slow down and take a deep breath. We need this now more than ever and I wholeheartedly believe it will refresh you and help sustain you through the challenges of everyday life.

2 – CREATE MEMORIES – A second home needs to be a place where your loved ones remember you complete with smiles and laughter. The one thing people regret at the end of their lives is not having enough quality time with loved ones. We all hope to play catch up when we retire, assuming we retire. Why wait? Now is the time to start.

3. A LEGACY OF SIMPLER PLEASURES – We all leave behind a legacy. The question is: are we intentional about what we leave behind? I want to suggest one legacy we should leave behind that has far reaching implications for our progeny, and that is the ability to enjoy and find reward in simpler pleasures. Today, everyone needs a prop for pleasure whether it be some kind of new new gadget, a new video game, or a visit to the latest jumping gym. Activities like skipping stones across a pond, venturing down a new forest path, or catching fireflies under an early moon have unfortunately been lost.
In short, I believe a legacy of simpler pleasures is the richest inheritance that we can pass on. It proves to our children that we can be rich in ways never thought possible – a wealth measured not in money but in things that satisfy the soul. The right kind of second home will make this a reality.

What is so impactful about focusing on these three objectives to the exclusion of other worthy objectives? If you agree that these make it to the top of your list, then I dare say your second home has become substantially more affordable.

In my next Simple Times Blog, I will answer the specific question: How does a second home that is different than what I dreamed of become more rewarding, yet significantly more affordable?

Thanks for following us and I hope you stay tuned.

John Tatum
And the Team at Cloudland Station