Why Your Kids And Grandkids Will Love Your Agrihood

Farm-to-table living is a way of life that is rewarding, healthy, and fun. An agrihood is the best way to make this happen because it also provides a unique social aspect.

Agrihoods are organized communities that incorporate agriculture into the neighborhood. This allows for sustainable food production while also providing enjoyable recreation. It’s one of the best ways to embrace healthy living, and it can be yours when you live at Cloudland Station! We’re a legacy community just outside of Chattanooga, complete with acres for hiking, farming, fishing, swimming, and more. We like to think of our intentional community as a place for you to get back to your roots, unplug from stress and technology, and reconnect with friends and family.

We know your family will love to visit our community when you move here, but today we want to focus specifically on why your children or grandchildren will love getting to help with your agrihood. Read more below about our agrihood, and then schedule a tour today to see if we offer the healthy living you’re looking for.

It’s Educational

If your kids or grandkids have short attention spans or would simply prefer running around to sitting at a desk (who wouldn’t?), then an agrihood could be just right! It’s hands-on, active learning that will teach them all about sustainability, nature, healthy living, independence, and growth and life in general.

For them to plant a seed, watch it grow, and then take it from the farm to the table — and for them to get to do this with their parents or grandparents — is an educational experience they won’t soon forget.

It’s Messy

It’s summer in Chattanooga — your child or grandchild shouldn’t have to look perfectly put together all day! Let them get a little dirt under their fingernails and a few knots in their hair. Your little ones will love working with the dirt in your agrihood and getting to be messy and productive at the same time. Even better, the healthy living doesn’t end there! They can continue to run wild like the kids they are through the rolling hills of Cloudland Station.

It’s Creative

Go ahead and let your kids or grandkids show off their creative side by helping them create a farm-to-table meal! They’ll love getting to choose vegetables they grew in the agrihood and use them in a farm-to-table meal of their imagination. This is a wonderful exercise in creativity, imagination, confidence, and hard work.

Try Healthy Living At Cloudland Station

Of course, healthy living isn’t just for your kids and grandkids. While you’ll love having them come visit, work in your agrihood, and create farm-to-table meals with you, you’ll get to experience all Cloudland Station has to offer you for healthy living as well. We’re an intentional community in northern Georgia, just outside of Chattanooga, that is focused on healthy living. Check out our home designs and schedule a visit today to see how you would like community living!