Here’s Why Now Is the Time to Close on Your Real Estate Investment

Since this past Spring, our community has been brimming with families seeking a safe haven during the onset of the pandemic when there was so much uncertainty in our cities across the country.

It was a gift to visibly see the relief in parents’ eyes once they arrived on the property and got settled into their homes. Their kids could wander around the woods and explore and make new memories. They could go to the pool, the small lakes and swim or fish to soak up the sun without stress or fear.

Cloudland Station is a place of refuge and gives space for families to take deep breaths and relax in very uncertain times. Many are still here, and others are mapping out their house plans. Others are planning or even beginning their home site build out. Many are considering various homesite options and talking with lenders as well. Why all this activity? Because right now is the time to plan and act. 

And while we can’t undo 2020, we can certainly learn from it.

What was once a “someday” idea of purchasing a second home is quickly becoming a growing trend and viable option. It does not appear to be driven by fear, but rather by people wanting to know that their family is taken care of for the future. And the housing market is answering the call. By turning this paper heavy industry into an online process, people are relying on realtors and lenders to help close their deals and get their families secure for the future. 

Quick closing options encourage buyers to invest now

  • Easy Appraisal Process – Appraisers are skipping the house walkthroughs and opting for drive-by appraisals, virtual home tours, and even utilizing Google Street View to evaluate a home’s worth. 
  • Notary Simplicity – The Georgia Governor added another layer of ease by signing an order that allows virtual notarization and witnessing. 
  • Flexible Closings – Lenders and real estate agents are combining forces and doing virtual closings, which include less paper and less stress during the closing process.

We invite you to come out to Cloudland Station and tour your future homesite and view some amazing home design plans. You will get to meet your future  neighbors, explore the property, and find out if a home in the Cloudland Station community is right for your family. We have Day Tours and Overnight Getaways available, so head to the website to reserve a time to visit soon.