3 Ways Community Living Benefits You

Thinking of embracing community living? Want an intentional community for your summer home? Eager to live within an agrihood? Look no further than Cloudland Station near Chattanooga.

We’re nestled into the woods in Northern Georgia where you can enjoy nature, solitude, and a sense of community, but we’re fewer than 20 minutes away from Chattanooga and all the fun it has to offer.

When you’re ready to enjoy healthy living and truly make it part of your lifestyle, Cloudland Station is for you. But first, let’s discuss three different ways community living will benefit your mental and physical health.

Enjoy Friend & Family Relationships

Whether you’re purchasing a second home, dream of Southern living, or want something akin to communal living, relationships remain the spice of life. When you transition into community living, you’re often lucky enough to maintain long-standing relationships as well as bring new ones into the mix; this is certainly the case with Cloudland Station.

Here, we see relationships thrive! You could be creating new friendships with next-door neighbors, sharing a meal with a new member of the community, or having friends and family stay with you when you live in this intentional community.

In fact, friends and family members may want to visit you more than ever before! We have acres to hike and explore, an infinity swimming pool, treat shops, and activities galore — your kids and grandkids will love to spend their weekends or summers with you.

Eat Healthy Food

Have you been eyeing the farm-to-table movement and thinking it’s right for you? Now is your chance to shine — and eat well. Here at Cloudland Station, healthy living couldn’t be easier. We’re a growing agrihood focused on sustainable, healthy, and tasty eating.

Just as being social is instrumental for health, eating good foods can be just as vital. We’re pleased to have produce from our very own Early Moon Farms for everyone living in our community, our beehives are flourishing, and we’ll soon have chickens for fresh eggs daily. We love seeing everyone come together and share these farm-to-table meals — it’s where memories are born and community living truly comes to life.

Embrace The Outdoors

Enjoying the outdoors isn’t only good for getting our blood pumping and using our muscles; we believe it’s also good for the soul. As you wander through our Northern Georgia trails, exploring the plant and animal life that abounds, you’ll feel rejuvenated and inspired.

Even just a simple walk through the neighborhoods will leave you feeling upbeat! The Southern-living-inspired homes, beautiful architecture, winding walkways, and nostalgic stops will excite you. If you opt for the trails instead, though, then you’ll discover waterfalls, rustic cabins, lakes, and approximately 300 acres of undeveloped land. With all of the outdoor activities to embrace, healthy living will be a breeze for you.

Think Cloudland Station is for you? We do. Healthy living is accomplished through various aspects of your life, and when you have relationships, food, and the outdoors, you’ll thrive. Visit us in Northern Georgia, near Chattanooga, and see if intentional living is all you dreamed it would be. You can even schedule a tour or join us for a discounted two-night stay — what are you waiting for?